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OpenStruct to Hash

OpenStruct is a handy class in ruby’s stdlib. I’ve used it in the past for creating test data, instead of using factory girl. It’s fast, and the fact that it behaves like a Hash, makes it super easy for stubbing object behaviours.

The other day, I had this requirement to convert an open struct instance into a hash. I foolishly tried to_hash call, considering that it acts as a hash, so there must be a to_hash call on it. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any to_hash methods on OpenStruct. However, there are other ways to convert an open struct instance to a hash quite easily. Here’s how:

Option 1

os = => 12)
os.marshal_dump # returns the hash {:id=>12}

Option 2

os = => 12)
os.instance_variable_get(:@table) # returns the hash {:id=>12}